Panel Shows Overheating Ford Escape 2009

Ford Escape

Can I drive my car to the mechanic 30 miles away (or 10 for the bad one) if panel shows overheating but motor seems fine?
Panel show overheating
Heater doesn’t work even at full blast
Coolant tank is full
Radiators seem to set in
I don’t know why the panel shows overheating.
Sometimes car misfires and I have to stop and start it again. Now more often with this overheating. I’m in the middle of nowhere and need to get to repair place. What could it be and can I drive my car, or should I call a handy neighbor to help if its just a little thing??

I would not recommend driving the vehicle if it is overheating. There may be a serious issue that can cause irreversible internal damage. Having the vehicle towed would be the best option.

It could be as simple as the radiator fan not working or stuck thermostat. But it may also be as worse as a blown head gasket.

Refilling your cooling system