Dec 022019


Hello, I changed my power steering and pump in July this year and it was working fine Until the fluid Start turning milky and the steering is now hard to turn even when the pump is still working. Also the fluid shorts over time and there is no visible leakage. Please what could be the issue??

The power steering fluid is looking milky because you have air or moisture getting into the system. Most likely you have air getting into the system. The only way for the fluid level to get lower overtime would be from a leak. You may have a leaking hose or connection, but a leak somewhere.

The leak will need to be repaired before the system be bled of air and returned to normal operation.

Your hard steering may be from a warn out component in the steering system. This could be a worn out ball joint, etc. A quick test would be to jack up the front end and see if turning the wheel is easier or still hard. Place the jacks in such a way that the wheel do not hang when testing.

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