Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

My right turn signal works fine the left turn signal wont. It makes all the lights flashers tag light dashboard lights even the radio flash like emergency flashers. I have replaced all bulbs, flasher fuse and the blinker assembly in the steering column and it still does the same thing please help.

This is not a common issue. There is a wire that is crossed. If there has been recent work done, start there first and recheck the work. Look at aftermarket installation of radio, remote starters, etc.  The next step would be to try a replacement multi-function switch(turn signal switch). There may be internal damage in the switch causing the issue. And this is a common failure component.

Turn Signal Switch Replacement

  1. Disconnect battery ground cable.
  2. Remove steering wheel as outlined under “Steering Wheel, Replace” procedure.
  3. Using a screwdriver, pry cover from housing.
  4. Using lock plate compressing tool No. J-23653, or equivalent, compress lock plate, and pry snap ring from groove on shaft, Fig. 1. Slowly release lock plate compressing tool, then remove tool and lock plate from shaft end.
    J-23653 Tool
  5. Slide canceling cam and upper bearing preload spring from end of shaft.
  6. Remove turn signal (multi-function) lever.
  7. Remove hazard warning knob retaining screw, button, spring and knob.
  8. Then Remove pivot arm.
  9. Wrap upper part of electrical connector with tape to prevent snagging of wires during switch removal.
  10. Remove switch retaining screws and pull switch up from column, guiding wire harness through column.
  11. Reverse procedure to install.

Turn signal wiring diagram