2008 Chevy Cobalt headlight wiring harness connector

Chevy Cobalt

Was wondering if you have any information regarding the wiring harness as shown below. Was looking for any PDF documents referring to the electrical diagrams. Also as where I can purchase the connector / cable shown below. Keep in mind, the connector / harness I am referring too plugs into the 645-205 black female connector shown in the amazon link. The connector I am trying to purchase with harness is what is shown in the first picture and on the right in the second picture.

Dorman 645-205 Pigtail Connector-Headlight

body wiring harness 1
2008 chevy cobalt wiring harness

Not sure of any documentation on this. However I think i can help with this. The wiring harness would be referred to as the head light/lamp wiring harness.

Part No. For 2008 – 2010 Cobalt OEM GM Head Light Wiring Harness is 20760562 on eBay is only a small socket, do not purchase this thinking you will get the entire wiring harness.

2008 Chevy Cobalt Headlight Wiring Diagram

Therefore, in order to get the correct wiring harness you may need to contact your local dealership. There is of course the option of going used at a junkyard.