2002 Hyundai Elantra Clutch Inspection

Hyundai Elantra

i cant feel the friction point in the clutch

Clutch Inspection


  1. Check the diaphragm spring end for wear and uneven height.

    Replace if wear is evident or height difference exceeds the limit.

    Limit : 0.5 mm (0.012 in.)

  2. Check the pressure plate surface for wear, cracks and color change.
  3. Check the rivets for looseness and replace the clutch cover assembly if necessary.


  1. Check the clutch facing for loose rivets, uneven contact, deterioration due to seizure, adhesion of oil, or grease, and replace the clutch disc if defective.
  2. Measure the rivet sink and replace the clutch disc if it is out of specification

    Limit : 1.1 mm (0.044 in.)


  3. Check for torsion spring play and damage and if defective, replace the clutch disc.
  4. Clean the splines on the input shaft and install the clutch disc.

    If the disc does not slide smoothly or if play is excessive, replace the clutch disc and/or the input shaft.


The release bearing is packed with grease. Do not use cleaning solvent or oil.

  1. Check the bearing for seizure, damage or abnormal noise. Also check the diaphragm spring contacting points for wear.
  2. Replace the bearing if the release fork contacting points are worn abnormally.


If there is abnormal wear at the point of contact with the bearing, replace the release fork assembly.