It would turn over but not start 2011 Kia Optima

Kia Optima

So my car has never had a problem except for when I would go to put gas in the tank. It would turn over but not start. The second time I would go to turn it on, I would feather the gas and it would turn on and run fine.

So the most recent issue started a few days ago when the car died less than a block from my house. When I turn the key, it would turn over but not completely start. When I turn it on and give it some gas, it would completely turn over, run kind of rough at a higher than normal rpm then the engine would die off. It only stays on for a few seconds.

When it dies, the dash shows the engine, battery, and oil light. The battery is charged, and the oil is filled. I also just changed the fuel pump a day ago thinking that was the issue. The car ran until I took it straight to the gas station and it did the same thing as described above.

First thing to do would be to have any check engine light codes read. Once you have the codes post them below in the comments and we will dig deeper into those. Next thing would be to determine the last time it was tuned up or had spark plugs replaced. Take a look around under the hood to see if there might be any kind of vacuum leak present.

It is a good idea to try and figure out what an engine is not getting when it will not start. Use the no start diagnostic chart to help assist in doing so.