Not getting pressure to the brake pedal 2006 GMC Yukon

GMC Yukon

I have replaced 2 rear brake lines from ABS Module to rear brake. Plus replaced Master cylinder with active control. Bled the farther rear line, then the next rear left. Then Bled the right front brake and last front left. But I’m not getting pressure to the brake petal, it goes to the floor. What can be the problem. I don’t have a scan tool for ABS Module. Can it be a fuse? or is it the module? or do I continue to bleed the lines?
Thank you for your help it is very much appreciated!

Did you bench bleed the master cylinder before installation?

Lets will assume you did. The brakes on these are pickier than any other brakes I have worked with in 30 years. I have had a time trying to get a brake pedal on the 2006 Chevy trucks. I replaced the brake brake lines with stainless steel and couldn’t get a pedal no matter how many times I tried to bleed them. But fortunately I am not one to give up easy.

I even dove into the thinking it was the ABS Module bleed issue. No it was not. A work around is just getting it to activate and it is considered bled. This is of course if you do not have a scan tool.

How to get the brakes to bleed

It turns out that the only way I could get the rear wheel cylinders to bleed all the air out was to over adjust the rear brake shoes (This was also done after replacing the rear brake shoes). I had to tighten the shoes all the way and then bleed the brakes. Then test and adjust the rear shoes. I know it sounds odd, but you will see these shoes like to be tight.

After doing this the brakes worked just fine. Before this I was having to pump the brake pedal to get it to stop at all. Yes, I too replaced the master cylinder.