Unwanted brake noise after brake job 2005 Ford Escape xlt

2004 Ford Escape

Since having NEW rear brake pads, & shocks, my right rear wheel makes a metal to metal sound when I start to stopping. Did not do it BEFORE new brakes. Took it back, all they did was spray dust off wheel. Still happening on only one side.

Take it back again and politely suggest they allow a mechanic or themselves to take a ride with you. This way you can replicate the noise you are experiencing. It shouldn’t make the noise. Occasionally in the rain or wet weather or directly after it may make a noise or two the first couple of times but should fade after that.

Taking it apart and looking at it is what will be required. Also if you did not replace the brake rotors at the same time, it would be normal for the brakes to make some unwanted noise. This unwanted noise should quite after the NEW flat surface of the brake pads mate with the old GROOVED surface of the rotors.