Turn Signals all go out 2005 Honda Civic

Honda Civic

2005 Honda Civic. Most times when I move signal light lever to go to signal, it flashes once or twice then just stops & all signal lights (on dash & front & back of car) go out. All bulbs are good. What could it be?

Are all the bulbs the same? None of them were recently changed? Sometimes using the wrong bulb even though it will fit can cause and issue. Also the possibility of a short somewhere in the circuit. You will need to isolate parts of the circuit and test.

A test could be to remove each turn signal bulb one at a time to see if the issue is only there when one certain bulb is installed.

Use the provided wiring diagram below to assist is tracing the wiring of the turn signal circuit.

2005 Honda Civic Turn Signal Wiring Diagram

Turn Signal Bulb Replacement

Fig. 1
  1. Remove inner fender.
  2. Disconnect electrical connectors from lights, Fig 1.
  3. Turn bulb sockets counterclockwise to remove them from lamp housing.
  4. Reverse procedure to install.

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  1. Thank u for the reply. Next time, I’ll check here first (youtube 2nd) instead of paying dealer $60.to diagnose

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