AC works sporadically – had Freon checked and doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Nissan Altima

AC works sporadically Our 2013 Altima AC blows cold air sometimes and then it blows hot then starts cooling again. Had Freon checked. Doesn’t seam to have any rime or reason why.

Sometimes these air conditioning systems can be a little tricky. The fact that it is able to blow cold sometimes and not others along with the Freon level being good gives us an indicator. This lets us know the compressor, accumulator and orfice tube are all good.

Being sporadic makes me think of an sticking switch of sorts. I am thinking a relay may be sticking at times. This would cause the accumulator to freeze up and the system to blow hot air until the accumulator has time to thaw. Then it would start blowing cold air once again. The relay i am referring to would be a cooling fan relay. There are three of them.