2002 Windstar won’t start

Ford Windstar

My Ford Windstar won’t start. Driving down the highway a couple of days ago and the van stalled out there times. The first 2, it started back up with a few pumps on the gas. The third time it didn’t. I pulled off the highway and got it started again after a couple minutes of trying. Then, it died again about 100 feet up the road. Sense then, I have changed the fuel filter and pump. The vehicle will start with starting fluid, but not without. Once started, it runs but kind of rough. I haven’t attempted to drive it far but it seems to stay running once started. Then, you I need starter fluid to get it going again.

I would like to know what the check engine light codes are now that your Windstar won’t start. Could you post them below in the comments. Have you tested the fuel pressure with a Fuel Pressure Tester Kit? Have you followed the step by step chart that is provided here on this site?

What should I do when my Ford Windstar won’t start?

Windstar won't start

One of the first things when diagnosing a no start condition is to make sure you have a known good fully charged battery before testing. If the check engine light was flashing do not try to restart the engine until it is looked at. Have the check engine light codes scanned. Use the codes to help narrow down the problem. Using the no start diagnostic chart you will be able to determine the root of the problem in just a few steps.