help Ford stalls in cold weather

Ford Taurus

I have a 1997 Ford Taurus GL. Recently, Car dies randomly….so far when just at low speeds & when turning steering wheel to left just a little bit. In panic, even with the car in drive, I turn the key and it starts again. What could that be?

I took it to the mechanic & no OBD codes were found.

Alternator is good & Battery is brand new with clean tight connections. All ground cables going from engine to battery have been cleaned.

Mass-air flow sensor contacts have been cleaned.

It was doing this in the winter when it was really cold out. Since the weather’s warmed up, it hasn’t done it. What could it be? Thanks

I am going to go with the engine coolant temperature sensor(ECT) and or a sticking IAC Valve. The IAC sticking is pretty common and will not throw any check engine light codes when it becomes faulty or sticking. The actuation of the IAC is operated by the PCM that uses signals from sensors like the ETC sensor.

What Should I Do Now?

At this point it is working properly. This situation reminds me of a phrase”If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” If and when the issue reoccurs take a closer look but until then continue to drive it.

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