I put it into drive at dies on me


It starts ok but as soon as i put my Holden Jackaroo wagon 02 duel-fuel into drive at dies on me,and when it does keep going i can only move a few feet and it dies, i need this fixed asap

Does it stay running if you keep your foot on the gas ? In most cases this issue is related to a vacuum leak. This can be an internal or external vacuum leak. Most common cause would be a faulty IAC Valve.

IAC Circuit Description

The powertrain control module (PCM) controls the engine idle speed by adjusting the position of the air control (IAC) motor pintle. The IAC is a bi-directional stepper motor driven by two coils. The PCM applies current to the IAC coils in the steps (counts) to extend the IAC pintle into a passage in the throttle body to decrease air flow. The PCM reverse the current to retract the pintle, increasing air flow. This method allows highly accurate control of idle speed and quick response to changed in engine load. If the PCM detects a condition where too low of an idle speed is present and the PCM is unable to adjust idle speed by increasing the IAC counts, DTC P1508 will set, indicating a problem with the idle control system.