Cooling fan does not work at all 93 olds Cutlass


Cooling fan does not work at all. it is a 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera V6.

Then replace it, lol. Just kidding! Lets make sure something else isn’t causing the problem. Though it may end up being the fan motor itself. You can test the fan motor by applying both a battery positive and negative to the unplugged connector. But lets look at a few things that are easier to get to first.

Looking at the cooling fan wiring diagram provided below you can see there are a few more things to look at in the circuit. Lets first start with making sure you have battery voltage from the fusible link to the relay. Next we will need to check the relay. And then the voltages from the relay to the fan. Another test can be done by removing the relay and applying battery positive to the connection lead going to the fan motor. Easier than digging around the fan motor for a plug if you do not have to. A great tool that i use for doing these sort of test is a Power Probe. This tool allows you to apply both battery positive and negative with worry of blowing a fuse. This is because of a its built in automatic circuit breaker feature. A must have for electrical testing.

Cooling Fans Wiring Diagram