1997 VW Jetta Ignition Lock Replacement

1997 VW Jetta

I had to diss assemble the steering column to remove the ignition switch housing to replace the ignition switch but now the collar, spring and nut doesn’t have enough room to go back on in order to put steering wheel back on to re connect everything do you have ay suggestions or recommendations?

From reviewing the procedure(see below) it would appear that you need to clamp or block the steering shaft so it will not be able to slide down. So if it has slid down you will need to move it back and block it from being able to move.


  1. Obtain audio coded anti-theft code.
  2. Remove combination switch.
  3. Remove spacer or spring and locking washer, as equipped, from steering shaft using suitable tools.
  4. Remove steering column shrouds, it may be necessary to remove upper shroud later with lock assembly.
  5. Using suitable tools, clamp or block steering shaft so it will not slide down into steering column.
  6. On models with shifter lock cable, disconnect shifter lock cable from ignition lock.
  7. On all models, using a suitable drill, drill head of ignition lock to steering column shear head bolt.
  8. Ensure body of shear head bolt is either drilled out or backed out sufficiently to clear mounting tab of steering column during lock removal.
  9. Unlock steering lock from column with ignition key. If ignition key is not available or key tumbler will not move, remove complete steering column, as outlined in “Steering Columns” section, then remove key lock tumbler as follows:
    a. Insert ignition key into ignition lock cylinder.
    b. Using 1/8 inch drill bit, drill hole in lock housing approximately 1/8 inch deep as shown in Fig. 1. Dimension A = .47 inch, dimension B = .39 inch.
    c. Using a suitable drift punch, remove lock cylinder with key by pressing in check spring using hole previously drilled.
    d. When installing lock tumbler, ensure tumbler and lock assembly are in Off position.
  10. Slide ignition lock, with upper trim if necessary, off steering column. Heat lock body with hot air blower if necessary.
  11. Reverse procedure to install, noting the following:
    a. Position ignition lock on column for proper clearance of slip ring contacts and trim shroud alignment.
    b. Tighten shear bolt until head breaks off.
    c. On models with shifter lock cable, adjust shifter lock cable as outlined under “Automatic Transmissions/Transaxles. “
Fig 1 Ignition lock cylinder drilling dimensions