Audi A4 2007 wont start, battery?


my car won’t start, but i’m not sure if it’s just the battery. I turn my keys and it won’t do anything. Its an Audi A4 2007.

Battery is the first place to start. Without a good charged battery the rest of the vehicle isn’t doing anything.

It is possible that the battery terminal ends are loose or corroded.


Caution: Use protective gloves and eye protection.
Caution: Perform procedure in a well ventilated area.
Caution: Refer to cautions and warnings listed on battery.
Caution: Do not allow baking soda solution to enter vent holes, as damage to battery can result.

  1. Remove battery from vehicle, as required.
  2. Clean top of battery (3) with a solution of warm water and baking soda (2), Fig. 1.
  3. Apply soda solution (2) with a bristle brush (1) and allow to soak until acid deposits loosen, Fig. 1.
  4. Rinse soda solution from battery with clear water and blot battery dry with paper toweling. Dispose of toweling in a safe manner.
  5. Inspect battery case and cover for cracks, leakage or damaged hold down ledge. Replace battery if any damage is evident.
  6. Inspect battery tray for damage caused by acid from battery. If acid is present, clean area with baking soda solution.
  7. Clean battery posts with a battery post cleaning tool (1), Fig. 2.
  8. Clean battery cable clamps (2) with a battery terminal cleaning tool (1), Fig. 3.
  9. Replace cables that are frayed or have broken clamps.
  10. Install battery into vehicle, as required.
Battery cleaning

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