Code P0032 Dodge 2005 Grand Caravan

Dodge Caravan

Code p0032
Two men have told me they can’t figure out shhtt. Both of them were certified mechanics, one from “Repair Smith”, the other from “Mobile Mechanic”. Go to the dealership to get it diagnosed? I thought that’s what you were doing?!??… Anyway… Please help.

Dodge Code P0032

Code P0032 – H02S Heater Control Circuit High Voltage Bank 1 Sensor 1

Dodge Code P0032 Possible Causes

  • O2 Sensor Heater Operation
  • O2 Heater Element
  • O2 Heater Ground Circuit Open
  • O2 Sensor
  • O2 Heater Control Shorted to Voltage
  • O2 Heater Control Circuit Open
  • PCM

Dodge Code P0032 Testing

  1. Ignition on, engine not running. With the DRBIII, read the DTC’s(Diagnostic Trouble Codes) and record the related Freeze Frame data. Is the Good Trip Counter displayed and equal to zero? YES-> Go to 3, NO -> Go to 2