2018 Ford Explorer XLT Warranty Coverage


I have a 2018 Ford explorer XLT. only 16,000 miles and for the past year i have been taking it in to Ford with issues. The push start button sometimes do not work. it i very random sometimes it happens 1 time a week now its daily. Ford says they cant find nothing wrong and no codes to check. I am running out of options since they don’t know what it is the warranty cant help.

If you want Ford Warranty to fix it. And it is doing it once a day now. Take it back to them and leave it. Explain to them the issue you are having and suggest that the Service manager drive it for a week to experience it him/herself. Random issues are difficult but with it happening more and more frequently should be a little easier to diagnose.

If you do not get the results you are looking for at one Dealership, you are still able to take it to a different one.

Ford Warranty Recommendation

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