Honda automatic transmission constant whine

2005 Honda Accord

Having an issue with the transmission in my 2005 Honda Accord i4 Automatic. It makes constant whine from engine start through park, neutral, 1,2 & 3rd. Goes away when it shifts to 4th and 5th.
Its an automatic. Had an issue where it wasnt shifting right, cleaned solenoids A, B & C, not shifting issue went away. Solenoid tube mesh was blocked. Drained and filled with fluid twice. 1st drain and fill was with Castrol Transmax ATF, The sound almost went away, was reduced greatly but whenever the engine and tranny got hot, kept shifting really hard. As in hard enough for me to check rear view mirror to see if someone hit me from behind! when cold, was shifting normally. Drained and filled again with Honda DW1 and hard shifts have gone away but whine remains. Changed transmission oil filter as well. (External one.)
Any ideas would be very helpful… Thanks.

A video i made of the sound the car makes.

Wow, this is a tough one. Let me start off by saying noises in general are difficult to narrow down. Since you have been able to change the whine greatly you have narrowed it down some. In my experience with hydraulics I have come across two things that make a pump whine(excluding the wrong fluid of course). Air in the system or a faulty pump. And on top of that the transmission slips. Might be a good time to rebuild/repair or replace the transmission. I would recommend replacing the pump in the transmission if rebuilding is in your future.