Drive Axle Halfshaft 1989 Buick Regal Custom

I need to know what size impact socket I can use to remove the spindle nut on my wheel hub assembly.

Not sure of the exact size, I would like to say 1 1/2 but I am not certain on that. Seems that is what I use most often. Not shown in the literature.

Drive Axle Shaft Removal & Installation

Use care when removing the halfshaft. Tri-pot joints can be damaged if the drive axle is over-extended. It is important to handle the halfshaft in a manner to prevent over-extending.

Disconnect the negative battery cable.

Raise the car and support with jackstands. Remove the wheel and tire.

Remove the brake calipers, bracket assemblies and hang out of the way with wire.

Remove the brake rotors.

Remove the four hub/bearing retaining bolts and hub.

If equipped with ABS brakes, remove the ABS sensor mounting bolt and position the sensor out of the way.

Place a drain pan under the transaxle.

RIGHT: using an axle shaft removing tool J-33008 or equivalent, separate the halfshaft from the transaxle.

LEFT: using a suitable prybar, separate the halfshaft from the transaxle. Pry on the frame and the groove provided on the inner joint.

Separate the halfshaft from the bearing assembly, if not removed.

To install:

Install the halfshaft/bearing assembly through the knuckle and into the transaxle until the retaining clip engages. Do NOT overextend the inner joint.

Install the ABS sensor.

Tighten the bearing assembly retaining bolts to 52 ft. lbs. (70 Nm).

Remove the drain pan and install a new halfshaft nut and washer.

Install the rotor, brake caliper and wheels.

Lower the vehicle and tighten the halfshaft axle nut to 184 ft. lbs. (250 Nm).

Add the necessary amount of transaxle fluid. Refer to Section 1 of this manual.

Connect the negative battery cable.