No start 95 GMC Sierra 5.7l V8 350

1995 GMC Sierra

Truck no start, no crank. . . Replaced IAC and pigtail connector, started ran good. Turned off for couple of minutes and when I went to start it up again, no crank, no start, no nothing. Only a few dash gauge lights came on, the check engine light, right signal light and some other light for lights I believe. . . No idea what happened, bought new battery and still same issue

Follow the step by step instruction on the no start chart. Check your connections at the battery and your ground connections. And anything you just worked on. Corrosion in the battery cables will also cause an issue. You can use a multi-meter to check for proper continuity of each cable once isolated.

The number one cause of a no start is the battery. And the battery is only as good as the connections from it.