Chevy Code P0325 2017 Chevy Cruze


I got code p0325 a few weeks ago, so I replaced the knock sensor. A couple weeks later I’m at a stoplight and when it turns green my car has trouble accelerating. Kinda had trouble getting out of first gear. (automatic transmission)
The check engine light comes on again p0325.

Chevy Code P0325

Knock Sensor 1 Bank 1 or Single Sensor

Code P0325 Circuit Description

The knock sensor enables the engine control module (ECM) to control the ignition timing for the best possible performance while protecting the engine from potentially damaging levels of detonation. The knock sensor produces an alternating current voltage signal that varies depending on the vibration level of detonation. The ECM adjusts the spark timing based on the amplitude and the frequency of the knock sensor signal. The ECM learns a minimum knock sensor noise level for all of the engine speed ranges and monitors the normal knock sensor signal. The ECM monitors the internal Knock sensor processor test circuits which perform the open circuit diagnostic.

Conditions for running the Diagnostic Trouble Code P0325

  • Engine is running for 2 seconds or greater.
  • Engine Speed is between 400 – 5,500 rpm for 75 or more cumulative revolutions.
  • Engine air flow is between 20-2000 mg per cylinder.
  • The engine coolant temperature (ECT) is -40F or warmer.
  • The intake air temperature (IAT) sensor 1 is -40F or warmer.

Conditions for setting Code p0325

  • The ECM detects that a knock sensor signal circuit is open.

What happens when code p0325 is set?

  • The ignition timing is retarded to reduce the potential of engine damaging spark knock.

Possible Causes

  • Sensor damage.
  • Knock Sensor and engine mounting surface burrs, casting flask and foreign material.
  • Close proximity hoses, brackets and engine wiring.
  • Loose Brackets.
  • Loose or broken accessory drive belts, brackets, components.
  • An engine mechanical condition.

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