1999 Toyota Camry 3.0 v6 would not go forward

1999 Toyota Camry

The car suddenly would not go forward, had it towed home and run a check came back with error code p1705. Removed the sensor and had it checked at auto zone was told it was good, same for the connector cap. So put it back in and removed the other sensor right near the top of the trans, it also appears to be ok but I’m not sure. However the ca r will start with no problems and then had another OBDII check run but it came back – no codes found in memory, yet the car still will not move when put in drive or any other forward gear, will move slightly in reverse. I need some help, badly.

Check transmission fluid level and color. If the fluid level is full and pinkish red the next step would be to check for Transmission Codes. These are different than the check engine light codes. However if the fluid is low, top it off and then test drive it. If the color of the fluid looks dark brown, burnt and smells burnt it may be time for a transmission rebuild. After all this vehicle is over 20 years old.

If the code p01705 was still present I would recommend checking the wiring harness since you tested the sensors already.