How to Pressure Test Cooling System for Leak Video

how to pressure test cooling system

How to find a coolant leak on any vehicle

First thing you want to do is top off the coolant level. On smaller leaks you may also want to place a piece of cardboard underneath of the radiator/engine area. This may help narrow the exact location of the leak. Next you will want to attach a coolant pressure tester in place of the radiator cap or coolant fill cap. Then you will need to pump the tester to the limit stated on the cap you removed. This is generally around 15 psi. This should provide enough pressure on the cooling system to cause the coolant to leak and you to be able to locate it. Check around the hoses, water pump and intake gaskets. You may need to pump the tester several times in order to maintain pressure until the leak is located. Check out the video below for a demonstration on How to use a Cooling System Pressure tester to find a coolant leak on a Jeep Wrangler in minutes.

NOTE: There can be more than one leak. Make sure to pressure test after each leak is repair to confirm all leaks are found.

Cooling System Pressure Tester

cooling system pressure testing kit
  • Pressure tester adapter made to test systems and coolant caps.
  • Pressurizes up to 30 PSI system/cap.
  • Comes with carrying case, an “A” size cap adapter and instruction manual.
  • Fit type: Universal Fit