Intermittent no start 2014 Honda Crosstour


I have a 2014 Honda Crosstour 4WD EXL V6 with 105,000 miles. At about 80,000 miles I would have an occasional problem starting. I would step on the brake and push starter button and it would fail. If I waited a minute and did it again it would start right up. This would happen once every 2 or 3 weeks and then start right up. My mechanic, who I trust, thought I should replace the starter which I did at 90,000 miles. The issue continues every few weeks. It seems like the issue has something to do with some connection not being made when I step on the brake.

First off i want to say that while reading this my initial thoughts were “STARTER”. So kudos to your mechanic. But you have already done this and the problem still persists. So lets not stop there. Lets pull up a wiring diagram and take a look to see what else is involved in the circuit. Just as I suspected. This vehicle is equipped with a Starter Relay. It would be the next thing I would try. As for your thoughts of the brake pedal switch, if you can see your brake lights come on when you work the pedal, the switch is fine.