Fuel Relay Switch 1997 GMC c6500 topkick

1997 GMC c6500

This is on a 6.0 gas engine (366). I’m trying to find the fuel relay switch. I have been looking online where different locations have been suggested, but none seem to be correct (that could be due to my low skill level in truck mechanics).
I’ve found a main fuse panel on the firewall just below the windshield center which has only one relay. I found a bank of relays beneath the glove box with nothing to identify what each is for. Also one at the bottom of the firewall towards passenger side.
It seems that GM put them in different locations at different times. If anyone has good knowledge of this relay location, some direction would be tremendously appreciated. Thank you for sharing your knowledge

Currently do not have access to this Model vehicle. I’ll go ahead and post this in case anyone out there has access to the information maybe they will help.