Power windows don’t work 1995 VW Golf Cabriolet

1995 vw golf cabriolet

Door power windows don’t work from time to time.
I have noticed that they don’t work (both uphill and downhill) especially when the ambient temperature is high, or when the car has been parked in the sun.
I checked the ports control buttons, cleaned them, used the WD40, but I still often have the problem.
The car has a central locking / unlocking system, and when there is this problem the windows (only those of the doors; the rear ones always work well) do not go up or down when I lock / unlock the car with the key at the inside the locks of both doors, so I suppose it’s not a button problem, or an electric compressor problem.

Intermittent problems are one of the most difficult to deal with or test for. All your test will show good when it is working. So testing when it isn’t working or figuring out how to induce the problem will help.

The first place I would look would be the wiring in the door jam of the drivers door. This is where the wiring harness from the drivers door control module runs. As this is an older vehicle it has seen the door open and close many times. And as the wiring gets older and more brittle it tends to crack and cause issues.