2014 Ford Taurus Starter Wiring Diagram

Ford Taurus

Replaced right passenger mirror.
Before replacing and connecting.. I had power, afterwards no power no lights
Car won’t start

Sounds like you left the door open too long and ran the battery down. Might have been a weak battery to begin with. And unfortunately, when you run a lead acid battery all the way flat it is difficult to get it to want to take a charge. You may need to replace the battery. The mirror uses Fuse 10 so I do not think there is an issue there.

An option would be to use a known good battery to test with.

Of course there could be many different things to look at such as your battery connections, fuses(F18 & F26), etc. But double checking your work is a great place to start once you have ruled out the battery.

Did I mention BATTERY!

2014 Ford Taurus Starting Wiring Diagram

2014 ford Taurus starting system



Do not remove exterior mirror assembly when repairing an individual component. Individual components can be installed without removing exterior mirror.
1.Pull outward on sail panel to release retaining clips.
2.Disconnect electrical connector, then remove sail panel.
3.Disconnect exterior mirror electrical connector.
4.Remove two exterior mirror nuts and bolt, .
5.Remove exterior mirror.


Reverse removal procedure to install. Torque exterior mirror nuts and bolt to 80 inch lbs.