Transmission issue 2014 Nissan Altima 4cyl

Nissan Altima

Please help me! I have a 2014 Nissan altima. The RPMS are very high when accelerate. It takes a while to get speed up. Feels sluggish and heavy when driving. RPMS also flutter up and down while driving…. If going downhill, the RPMS stay up as I start breaking, which I can hear. Oil is leaking onto manifold. Also rattling noise when I accelerate. I had cruise control on interstate. Started accelerating by itself. Dealership won’t give a clear answer. Transmission replaced 1yr ago from Nissan. Please help me

What you described is a slipping transmission. Your warranty should take care of that. Engine revs up and car doesn’t move…. transmission is low on fluid or slipping. An unlikely senario would be a faulty or failing TCM.


When replacing the TCM, perform the following work.
Since vehicle specifications are not yet written in a new TCM, it is required to write them with CONSULT.
Caution: When replacing TCM, save TCM data on CONSULT before removing TCM.
TCM performs accurate control by retrieving data (inherent characteristic value) of each solenoid. For this reason, it is required to save data of current TCM in CONSULT before replacing the TCM. After this, the saved data must be written in new TCM.
Caution: When replacing TCM and transaxle assembly simultaneously, replace transaxle assembly first and then replace TCM.
Before starting, make sure: ASIST on the CONSULT has been synchronized to the current date. All CONSULT software updates (if any) have been installed.

  1. Save TCM data.
  2. Replace TCM.
  3. Write TCM data into a new TCM using CONSULT.
  4. Perform G-sensor calibration.
  5. Perform clutch point learning.
  6. Perform select learning (drive/reverse learning).