Connected battery ends to wrong side 2004 Saturn Vue 3.5L

2004 saturn vue

put a new battery in. in haste reversed polarity. Corrected. Now nothing. what damage have I caused?

In my opinion you probably blew a fuse or two. This happens more often than you would think. So the manufacturers have added a fuse to prevent any major damage to the vehicle. I would check and replace the 30A Ignition fuse located in the fuse block under the hood. This should bring power back to the dash and everything else. Now you will need to start the engine and look to see if the alternator/battery icon comes on. If it does, you will need to check/replace the inline fuse that is located on the cable between the starter positive and alternator. I have provided the wiring diagram below for reference.

2004 Saturn Vue Starting System Wiring Diagram