Smelling like something is burning on the passenger side

2020 RAM 1500

I have started smelling like something is burning on the passenger side. There are no leaks and no dummie lights coming on the dash. Any suggestions? Just went out of warranty in November. It is a 2020 RAM 1500 12000 miles

Hold it closer so I can smell it, lol. Just kidding. I think the best first approach would be to lay down a piece of cardboard and crawl up underneath. Take a look around to make sure some debris you might have run over isn’t wedge up by the exhaust areas. Lots of grocery bags floating around and easy to suck one underneath without even noticing. Specially if you are in a snowy area.

It is too early for a catalytic converter to be going out. Which coincidentally can cause a burning smell but usually is more of a rotten egg smell. Rest assured the converter is still under warranty. But like I stated, it probably is not the cause.

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  1. HIGHLY doubt it. Would be difficult for you to smell something from a sealed system. You can keep watch and check your fluid levels to see if you are loosing something. Such as oil level, coolant level, etc. If you find coolant level is becoming lower and lower each week, you will want to perform a pressure test on the cooling system in order to tell where the leak is coming from. It may be a very small leak around the engine and therefore may burn off quick enough on the hot engine. If this was the case, you would not see anything on the ground or underneath the vehicle.
    A video I made on how to find a coolant leak:

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