1992 Pontiac Firebird 3.1 Liter

I have tried to bypass my Vat’s or antitheft device because I had changed out my steering column and in doing so I failed to start my car is there anyway to completely eliminate the Vats system altogether so I can still start and drive my car.


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  1. You cannot completely eliminate the Vats system without all new computer and wiring harness. Much easier to bypass it. The two little wires that run up into the steering column just need to see the correct resistor between them.
    So, take a multi-meter and measure the the little chip in the ignition key for ohms of resistance. Run over to your local radio shack and pick up a resistor for a dollar or two and attach the two little wires to the resistor(one on each side) and your all set.

  2. I was told otherwise that you can bypass the vats there’s a module called a bypass module that stimulates a signal to the ECM it’s hooked into the EPROM so you can’t tell me that the Vats system cannot be eliminated completely.

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