2002 Grand Am power surges

On an 02 Pontiac Grand Am I seem to have all of the symptoms of a failing fuel pump, but when the car sits for a period of time and cools off, i will turn the key and i can hear the fuel pump operating just fine. Other times if i turn the car off and right back on after driving, the pump will not make any noise at all. Most time the power will surge allowing only low speeds. It will sometimes die while driving if too much gas is applied but always starts right back up. This problem happened gradually and I recently replaced the fuel filter and it was fine city driving only for a few days. Could the fuel pump still be going bad and just losing pressure? Can I be sure this is even a problem with the pump?


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  1. Sure it could be a fuel pump issue. It can also be a MAF sensor issue as they carry similar symptoms. I would have the codes read, can be done for free at Autozone. And while your there, borrow a fuel pressure gauge (they do lend tools) and test your fuel pressure. With the gauge hooked up, start the engine and while watching the gauge mash the gas pedal down so it bogs and see if the fuel pressure drops at the same time. Under normal operating conditions, the fuel pressure should increase when mashing the pedal

  2. kickassladydragracer

    It sounds like mass air flow sensor to me.I had the same thing happen to me in my 1994 ford mustang gt. Go to your local auto parts store and ask for a can of sensor cleaner for mass air flow sensor and a new air filter. Take the old air filter out ,then wipe all the dirt out of the air box and the maf sensor, then spray the cleaner on the maf sensor,wires,and in the air box let sit for about a minute to dry, then put new air cleaner in and your good to go.When its time to change your air filter again you should repeat this process and youll never have this problem again.It worked for me and my mustang.

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