irradic starting 1996 chev s10 4.3L

5 thoughts on “irradic starting 1996 chev s10 4.3L”

  1. Could you give a few more details and maybe add in a question so that we might be able to assist you?

    Does it click, several clicks? no clicks? sometimes starts?

  2. will not start if not started within 4 hours. If idle over 4 hours, must add a teaspoon of fuel through
    throttle body. Fuel pressure seems ok at 60psi. runs rough untill warmed up good. 4.3L with csefi system.

  3. sometimes it will start after more than 4 hrs. once it started after about 12 hrs. Fuel pump and pressurer regulator were replaced 1 year ago.

  4. There is also smell of gas while trying to start.
    there is no clicking at start. ignition and start circut seem ok.

  5. Sounds like it is flooding itself when not starting. The first thing to do is have the codes scanned ans can be done for free at Autozone.

    I would start with new spark plugs, wires and distributor cap and rotor. Then if problem persists and there are no codes. Replace the engine temp sensor and IAC.

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