Nov 252009

95 chrysler LHS starts but dies. I’ve replaced fuel pump, cam sensor and crank position sensor. Still no go. code shows 77 (speed control relay circuit) but would that effect EFI ?

  4 Responses to “95 Chrysler LHS starts but dies”

  1. WOuld it stay running if you kept your foot on the gas? Dies only when you stop or take your foot off the gas?

  2. It will stay running if my foot stays on the gas. but die when I take it off. Could it be the TPS?

  3. This is a classic description of a failed or stuck IAC or it may be reffered to a an Idle Speed Control for the chryslers.

  4. I checked the ohms between terminals on the sensor and got 4.7. When I go from the pos. batt. and the neg. to the sensor I got nothing. Could this be a bad ground wire? Or is it the sensor

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