98 subaru wagon head gasket

considering buying the car with 190K miles. Only the head gasket has been replaced – good idea or not?  Everything else looks good on the car.

The guy has a good reputation but I’m wondering about damage done to engine when first gasket failed.  How many miles could I expect to get out of this car with the new gasket?

Thanks for replies!

3 thoughts on “98 subaru wagon head gasket”

  1. You can expect the vehicle to last for as long as the warranty that the car comes with. If there is no warranty then you can’t be certain of how long it can last as none of us know how it was maintained for the first 190K……

  2. Thanks Jaxter-

    I was able to talk to the original owner who said that the car was maintained and that the clutch and the radiator were recent replacements.
    Given the miles and the history, is this a good idea or not? Any thoughts?


  3. If the car is for driving no more than 10 miles away from the house it might not be to bad, but any further than that ans I would not want to count on it.

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