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I have a 2003 jetta wolfsburg edition and it has a rattling noise coming from the engine. It sounds like a belt is loose and it goes away as I accelerate. What could it be?


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  1. Well if it is squealing like a loose belt, then it may be a loose belt. belts can stretch and spring loaded tensioners can wear allowing excessive play in the belt. Also, when a belt starts to get a bit old they tend to start cracking and will cause a squeal until replaced.

    To make sure you don’t have a pulley bearing going bad. Remove the belt and spin each pulley by hand. Then start the engine with the belt off to make sure the noise in not internal in the engine.


  2. I have a VW passat with the following details:
    01) VW
    02) Passat
    03) 2.0 turbo petrol
    04) 6 speed automatic
    05) 2007 model
    06) milage 92000

    I am experiencing the following problems:
    1. The engine starts with the one push of the start button but struggles to stay on as if it does not
    have enough air.
    2. Once in motion there are no issues except for the whisling sound that comes from the front passenger side
    as you step on the gas pedal.
    3. The fuel consumption is so high 13mpg city.
    4. Finally, the AC cools very well when external temps are low but in the heat of the day the cooling is very low.

  3. Sounds like a clogged air cleaner/ dirty MAF sensor, in need of a tune up and possibly the the air cleaner is not fastened correctly or loose clamp.

    As for the A/C issue. It may just be a little low on freon. Any local shop should be able to top it off for you for under $100.00.

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