1991 accord- Low idle at cold start

My 91 accord was running well but didn’t pass smog (high nox). So as many forums suggested I cleaned out the EGR runner ports and passages. I cleaned the ports with a drill bit by hand and the passages with a thin wire. 5 ports plugged solid and one had a small clearance and surprisingly the only problem was a slightly high idle and of course a failed smog. I vacuumed out the debris with a hose that fit right in the hole. I know it is clean because I could hear the vacuum coming from the other ports.

The problem is now my car starts with a low idle when cold. What I mean is the car starts with 750 rpm, which is what is should be at once warm. The idle will bounce and usually die after a minute. Or if I try shifting gears it will stall too. After restarting a couple time the rpm’s will start to rise and I can go on my way. Then the car runs great again. I had to remove the IACV to clean the ports but left all hoses connected and just moved it aside. I wiped the screen inside clean as it was slightly dirty. What could cause this? Did I possibly damage something?

P.S. Would the clean ports lower my NOx enough(400ppm)to pass smog?

**15mph – Max 799 – Actual 1206**
**25mph – Max 738 – Actual 1211**

Please help me figure this out ASAP!!