2002 Ford Crown Vic

I have a 2002 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor with 135,500 miles on the original motor and tranny.  There is a loud constant tap coming from around the passenger side valve cover, is this a rod getting ready to go, or is it a sticky valve or valve lifter?


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  1. Hard to tell without hearing it for myself but I will try to help.

    Basic Knock Noise Diagnosis:
    1) Knocking gets louder when rpm’s are increased usually is a Rod Bearing Failure
    2) Knocking gets louder at idle and softer when rpm’s are increased is a Main Bearing Failure
    3) Knocking noise is pretty consistent no matter when rpm’s are increased is a collapsed lifter

    4) If the engine was recently worked on, a nut may have been dropped inside the intake port.

    If the check engine light is on, pull the codes and it should tell you the exact cylinder that is misfiring and this will help narrow it down.

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