Dec 092009

I have a 91 accord with automatic seatbelts. The motor and track have been replaced and still no luck on the passenger side. (driver side works) I am testing the wiring harness to the seat belt computer. I have seen when the seat belt motor is activated that the driver’s side wire to the motor receives a 12v signal where it plugs in to the computer and the passengers does not. Being that the wires powering the computer are working which then send the power to the motor when activated. Would that mean the computer is broken or would a bad passenger side signal wire still be the cause?

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  1. I would perform a continuity test on the wire coming from the computer to the motor to insure it is good after you confirm a signal is being sent from the computer to the motor *with the motor unplugged(isolated)

  2. The computer has power and is supposed to send 12v to the motor when the door closes. This happens on the drivers side but not the passengers. Would this mean the computer is broken?

  3. After testing the way I suggested above, you may determine that the door latch switch (or wiring)is at fault and not the computer

  4. There is continuity between the motor and the computer.

    So now I need to figure out why the 12v signal is not being sent.

    That was also my thought about the door switch. However, when the engine is on the seat belt “beep” is on continuously until the passenger door is opened. I have also tested the wiring to the switch which shows it is receiving power. If the door latch switch is able to stop the beeping, wouldn’t that mean the switch is working?

    Thank you for your help!!

  5. Well I tried another computer and the passengers is still the only one that doesn’t work. so it must be the switch.

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