1995 buick century special, how to jump?

Hi! I have a 1995 buick century special, and was wondering if there was any possible way to jump the vechicle without lifting the hood, for the simple fact that I recently got into an accident with it and cannot pop the hood because of it. If you aren’t sure, do you know where I could attain an electronic schematics diagram for the vehicle?

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  1. For $9.99 You can purchase an online repair manual that contains full wiring diagrams by clicking the “Auto Repair Manuals” tab to your left or Try the “Wiring Diagrams” tab to your left.

    To Jump Start without popping the hood could be done. Be safe and do not attempt this if you are not certified to do so(Disclaimer) Attach the positive jumper cable to the Positive battery connection on the starter as the cable attaches straight from the battery. Attach the negative to just about any metal part of the car. And then attach the cables to your jumper vehicle, refer to its owners manual for jumping for proper connections. Turn the key. You may need to put the car on jack stands to get underneath to attach cable.

  2. This assumes that the accident that damaged the hood did not damage anything else — as you will have to open the hood at some point, I would open it now, make sure that all is ok and then jump the car without taking any chances.

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