1997 Ford Expedition Spark Plug Issue?

Our car has been running rough, off and on, over the course of several years. It happens, my husband fixes something, it goes away..and then months/years later..it happens again. It has started up again. He thought it was the fuel filter, replaced but didn’t fix the problem. Then he thought it was the fuel pump, replaced and fixed the issue for 2 days. Then he noticed that the spark plug wells had water in them so he dried them and that fixed the issue for 2 more days. Then he noticed that the spark plugs were misfiring so he taped up the wires (trying to buy time to save up money) and it fixed it for a couple more days. Today it started up again so he looked under the hood (in the dark) and could see the sparks all over the place.

We are so tired of trying to figure out this issue while spending money we seriously do not have right now.

We are thinking of buying new spark plugs and wires tomorrow but this is the end of our cash and we don’t want to find out that it was wasted on something that isn’t the problem.

Any idea what is going on?

It’s a 4.6 engine. 2WD. This dumb car is ruining our marriage! We are so stressed about it all the time.

Sorry if we sound cheap..we are going through a hard patch and trying to stretch things out.

Thanks 🙂


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  1. Only Replace the Spark Plug Wires! This will save you much time and Money not to mention it will cure the problem.

    As for the marriage, try to remember that sometimes vehicles need attention where they hurt in order to provided you with reliability for years to come…… you get the insinuation.

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