Thermostat problem

I have a 2001 Kia Sportage. Every month the thermostat sticks open, i change it and it works perfect for about a month. I have repeated this process about three times now. Also changed temperature sensor. Does anyone know what can make a thermostat go bad so quickly?


3 thoughts on “Thermostat problem”

  1. When you are replceing the thermostat, do you actually see it in the open popsition when you remove it? or is some shop mechanic telling you this is what they see?

  2. The thermostat is a stand alone device and the only reason it could stick open is a failed unit or poor manufacturing. Assuming the coolant isn’t filled with rust, etc.

    If you are consistently using the same brand of thermostat… It is time to try a different one. I would use a factory or Stant if you are already, try the other.

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