Jan 162010

The cigarette lighter on my truck wasn’t working good.  I got a new one, put it in, and now it blows the fuse.  What could be wrong, and how do I test it to see if it is the new lighter or the wiring is bad?

Note: I only had two wires to attach to this lighter even though there were 3 places for wires to be attached to.


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  1. The Ground wire connects to the outside. If the fuse only blows when you use the lighter, you have a faulty lighter.

    If the fuse blows a soon as you put the new fuse in, then you have a direct short and to test the lighter just disconnect the wires. If you had connected both wires to the middle, this is a direct short and will blow the fuse as it should to prevent a fire caused by someone hooking it up wrong.

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