1997 Nissan Maxima misfire

I replaced coil #3 on a 1997 maxima two months go due to misfiring, the engine ran smoothly since. Last week I felt the same symptoms as two months ago and I am not sure what is causing it whether there is an electrical short or oil leak onto the spark plug or something else. Thanks


4 thoughts on “1997 Nissan Maxima misfire”

  1. I haven’t taken it a mechanic for diagnostic yet. I have the CarMD however didn’t give me any code because the “check engine light” didn’t come on. Should I wait until it comes on so I know which coil it is, will the engine get damaged waiting until then? I replaced the spark plugs about 5 months ago, do you think that the spark plugs are casuing the problem?


  2. Just because the light is on doesn’t mean it hasn’t stored a code in the history. But if the light is not on, it may be a good idea to wait until it does come on as it may narrow down the problem cylinder. Doubt the plugs are bad already.

  3. It has been now almost three months of misfiring and no OBD has come on. If I wait longer until the code appears, will the problem get bigger, i.e. more coil packs go bad? My gut feeling is that since the spark plugs replaced were no NGK, was the source of the problem. Should I go ahead and replace the spark plugs againb with NGK, or it is just waste of money and wait until the code appears to pin point the problem.


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