2000 Jeep GC

2000.Jeep GC
Dash going crazy! Occasionally all dash lights come on and all guages stop working. When thid happems power windows & locks also stop working. Also recently my interior lights came on and fuse had to be removed to turn them off! System hooked up to machine which gave code / error P1698. Key on/off sequence shows code/errors P1281, P1686, P1687, P1698 DONE on odometer. I’ve looked at what these codes mean, but am clueless as to what these definitions mean!
Also heated seats no longer work although the power switch does lite up indicating power. Check guages lite did remain on at all times sincr problem started, but now only comes on with other dash lights.
Please help.! I am a single female with no understanding of how to determine problem or how to fix it, nor do i have any funds to have it looked at or fixed!
I will follow any suggestions to determine / repair this issue, just tell me what to do!!
Please Help! Im afraid I might end up broke down and stuck on the side of the road!!!!