Jan 082010

checked fuses, fuel pressure good at rail, relays good, any help apprieciated!

  One Response to “98 lincoln town car starts and stalls right away”

  1. If the Check Engine Light is on, it would be a good place to start by scanning the codes. http://www.freeautomechanic.com/scantools.html

    If you can keep it running by giving it a bit of gas, then most common cause would be the IAC. http://www.freeautomechanic.com/iac-idle-air-control.html

    If you can’t keep it running by giving it gas, it may be out of gas, MAF Sensor dirty/failing or less than 30psi of fuel pressure(this is assuming you have fuel injector pulse and spark.

    Try spraying starting fluid in it to keep the engine running, if it does…then your sensors and such are good and you need to concentrate on the fuel delivery system.

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