No.1 Dummy needs help, Guages stopped working

  • I tried to charge a spare 12 volt car battery by connecting it to the accessory lighter socket outlet in my 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager.  What kind of , damage could I have done?  Is there a link to the electric schematic for this vehicle?   Thanks and God bless.
  • My instrument cluster guages stopped working while I was driving.  No speedo, fuel, temp, rpm, gear shift, odometer.  All just stopped!  How can I find the problem?  More God bless.
  • Also the carpet under the rubber floor mat on the drivers side is quite wet.  Is this a common problem and where could the water be coming from?   Again, Thanks and God bless.

There is no problem connecting a 12 volt battery to the cigar lighter. Should not be any damageas long as you hooked it up correctly(positive to positive, negative to negative). If you hooked it up wrong, you would only blow a fuse for the cigar lighter. You can locate this fuse in the owners manual under “fuses”

As for the wet carpet on the passenger side, either you have a leaking heatercore(would have sweet smell) or a clogged evaporator drain. (would be just water)

Check your coolant level to see if it is low, should help you determine the problem area.


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  1. We just bought this van for our Ministry work. The seller assured us there were no serious poblems with the van. We just can’t afford to pay for a major problem.

    There is a leak in the bottom seal of the windshield. Could this possibly be why the instrument cluster stopped working? The cooling system is right full. The two drain ports below the windshield wipers are clear. But, the windshield seal IS LEAKING very slowly. God bless you for your help.

  2. I used a trick from way back to find a water leak in the vehicle cabin. I placed a common hair dryer into the cab, and closed all vents, windows, doors etc. This creates a positive pressure in the vehicle cabin. I turned the hair dryed on high. I took some of that solution children use to blow bubbles. It is important to have the bubble solution thin enough, 1 part bubble solution to 3 parts water. I put the mixed solution in to a spray bottle and sprayed anywhere there could be leaks, around the windshield, doors etc. It takes about 3-5 minutes before the bubbles become present wherever there is a water leak into the vehicle cab. This method works great and saves a lot of time and finds leaks that otherwise would not be found. Also, I pointed the hair dryer up into the dashboard from the driver side floor and left it on high over night. This managed to dry the circut board and connections. In the morning all the instruments were working again. PS. Kristen, will you please contact us at our email. God Bless.

  3. That is definitely a creative way to fix the leak. Hope the fix worked and you aren’t experiencing any more problems. Sometimes the sealant around the windshield may slide a little or the rubber grip has a tiny pocket that, when exposed enough to water, can expand and flow into the cabin.

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