Feb 032010

4WD small V6 Cruise stopped working. A couple of small lurches when I tried to activate it and it was gone. Brake lights and horn still work. The lighted “cruise control” text does not come on when pushing button.. Everything else to my knowledge still works. I was told it wouldn’t be a fuse if horn and brake lights work. Where should I go from here? TIA

  2 Responses to “03 Dodge Dakota cruise control problem”

  1. Next step would be to check for power at teh cruise control module. If there is no power there, trace wiring from the module all the way back to the fuse. http://www.freeautomechanic.com/wiringproblems%206.html

  2. Here’s more for the mix. After 2 days the CC started working, indicator light and all. Too early to say if it’s intermittent. With all the treacherous potholes this rough winter has created, maybe something just got jarred loose. Wait and see I guess.

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