Car Symptom Question on Mitzi

I have a 1991 Mizibitzi Mirage that runs fine for about 1/2 hour then starts to sputter as though it does not get gas or gas line plugged up. When it starts to sputter I really have to give it the gas to keep it going. I have changed gas lines, fuel filter, spark plugs and distributor cap. This is still a problem at all speeds, and in all weather situations. What could be the cause? Failing fuel pump? failing oxygen sensor? Help.


2 thoughts on “Car Symptom Question on Mitzi”

  1. Off the top of my head, this sounds like vapor lock. Try driving it around without a gas cap on it and see if it doesn’t change.

    It most certainly could be a fuel pump. You should test fuel pressure when it is running good and then check it again when it is running bad.

    Have you any check engine light codes?

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